Arlia is founder of The Women's Sanctuary, Sanctuary Soul Care, co-founder of Roots and Wings Women, and co-founder of Spiral Leadership Group.

Arlia is an ordained minister, wisdom keeper, and Facilitator in Women’s Sacred Circles. She holds a Masters in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies.  She has spent the last two decades working in feminine spirituality,  psychology and organizational development.

Her calling is to support the rebirth of personal and organizational culture in alignment with heart-centered values.

She works with women through counseling and The Women's Sanctuary towards finding the truth of their embodied experience and the freedom that comes from living from that truth.

Through Spiral Leadership Group, Arlia creates opportunities for personal awareness and growth towards an open, diverse and compassionate workplace.


Arlia is passionate about creating engagement and building capacity.

Individuals and organizations call on her wisdom to guide them in their missions with integrity and compassion.