Arlia is a multi-passionate artist and businesswoman. She seamlessly weaves art, psychology, wisdom and business acumen into the support that professional women need today.


After years in corporate, Arlia created her own media company in 2003, working in photography, social media, and website design. In 2011, she returned to school for a Masters in Psychology and began coaching organizations and individuals in personal growth.

She was a facilitator at The Gabriel Center for Servant-Leadership and subsequently Spiral Leadership Group. In 2014 she founded The Women's Sanctuary to serve women through counseling and group events.


Arlia now seamlessly weaves coaching with production, helping women amplify their voices and visions in the world through The Women's Agency.

She hosts her own show, The Women’s Sanctuary, showcasing the stories of women’s lives and work in the world.


Arlia holds a Masters in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

She lives in Atlanta with her family, caring for assorted animals and growing herbs.